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Important Notice

Please review requirements for your credential program of interest at the link

Education Specialist (Special Education) Credential - online program

Summer 2024 applications will close on April 1, 2024.  

Summer 2024 Applications submitted after April 5, 2024 will not be considered for summer admission.

Fall 2024 applications will close on June 1, 2024.

Save Progress with the same email used in your application.  This is the email the Department will use for communication.

Please be sure to complete your application payment before saving or submitting this form.

Department Application Payment

Please pay the $25 non-refundable Department Application fee before continuing. Click the red button to open a new tab to the East Bay Cashnet payment portal. After paying the Department Application fee, please upload a copy of the emailed receipt below.

Prospective Student Information

Admission Checklist

The checklist at the following link is for your reference and does not need to be submitted with your application.  Please keep for your records.

Special Education Programs Admissions Checklist

Special Education Program Form

You are applying to an Education Specialist credential program with a Master of Science Degree in Special Education. 

Please complete the form at the following link which documents your understanding that your status, if accepted to the program, would begin as a credential student and then include a master’s degree status- effective the first spring term of your training. The change to a master's degree would not impact your enrollment in the credential program.

Please complete the form at the following link and upload to your Department Application: Special Education Program Form.

After filling out the form, please save as .pdf and upload here.
Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose should respond to the following questions on the form at the link below to be submitted electronically with the Department application:

  • Describe your professional goals and experiences.
  • Discuss your philosophy on educating diverse students, including students with and without disabilities, and address issues of equity in education.
  • Describe your personal attributes that illustrate your potential for success in the program and in the field of special education.
  • What can you share about how you will manage a full-time program with work, school, and personal demands?
  • Statement of Purpose with Coversheet

Recommendation Forms

To fulfill the recommendation requirement, you are asked to submit three Department Recommendation Forms .

  • Submit three (3) letters of recommendation forms that demonstrate suitable dispositions for teaching in public schools. 
  • Recommendation forms should be completed by someone who has observed your teaching or working with groups of children in the age group you are pursuing your teaching credential. 
  • These observations must have been done within the last 5 years. 
  • Academic or Professional letters of recommendation are acceptable if you were not able to complete Early Field Experience. 
  • Send the fillable forms to recommenders and have them send (email) back to you to be submitted electronically with your Department Application.

Early Field Experience Requirement

Documented field experience of at least 45 hours from the past five years.

Pre-professional experience must be in a classroom or classroom-like setting with groups of children/adults ages five (5) to twenty-two (22) for the education specialist program.

  • At least 15 hours must be in a special service delivery setting. An acceptable special service delivery experience includes work as a teacher's aide or instructional support, behavioral support clinician, or classroom volunteer in a special day class. 
  • The remaining 30 of the 45 hours minimum may be completed in public or private school settings as a substitute teacher, para-educator, or classroom volunteer, or in community-based venues such as the YMCA, park recreations center, or in a structured summer camp, after-school, or other formally organized program. 
  • Submit original Early Field Experience Verification form. Use as many forms as needed to verify the total hours.  The forms should be merged as one document to upload to application.
  • If you have taken TED 301 (or TED 3001) at CSUEB, this course will cover 15 hours of public school experience.  To show proof, you will need to submit an unofficial transcript from your MyCSUEB. 

University Application (Cal State Apply)

All applicants must complete an online University Application in addition to this Department application.

Summer  2024 - February 1, 2024 - April 15, 2024

Fall  2024 - October 1,2023 - June 1, 2024

Submit an application for University Admission online at Cal State Apply.


Please review the credential program and term for guidance on how to select a program on Cal State Apply at the link 

Education Specialist Credential/Masters in Special Education-online program


After University Application through Cal State Apply is submitted and you

get an email with your Net ID, you need to request official final transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended to be sent to Cal State East Bay's Office of Admission. This includes all institutions before and after your bachelor's degree.


Do not submit transcripts until after you have submitted your University Application through Cal State Apply, AND you get your email with your Netid.

If you attend or graduated from CSU East Bay, you do not need to submit your CSU East Bay transcript.

Electronic transcripts can be ordered to be sent to electronictranscripts@csueastbay.edu directly from the institution.

For your Department Application:  Applicants with international transcripts with a foreign degree must provide an official evaluation of that coursework by a CTC approved agency.   FOREIGN TRANSCRIPT EVALUATION.

Foreign transcript evaluations can be ordered to be sent to csscdocuments@csueastbay.edu directly from the agency. 

If you have a degree or coursework from outside the United States, contact the International Admission Office for more information. https://www.csueastbay.edu/iao/

Do not submit transcripts until after you have submitted your University application AND get an email with your NET ID.

If you are attending or graduated from CSU East Bay, you do not have to submit transcripts you have previously submitted.

Bachelor Degree verification and Cumulative GPA

To verify your Bachelor Degree for the Department Application. Please upload a copy of your unofficial Bachelor degree transcript or foreign transcript evaluation. If you are completing your Bachelor degree in the Spring term before the program starts, you can upload an unofficial transcript showing spring coursework in progress.

If considered for admission, and GPA of the last 60-semester or 90-quarter units attempted of baccalaureate and post baccalaureate work is below 2.5, you will be sent a "Petition to Waive GPA Requirement" form to submit for review.

Please scan and upload all unofficial transcripts (merged into one file).

Please note that the University Admissions Office requires official transcripts from ALL colleges/university attended AFTER you submit your University Application through Cal State Apply and get your NET ID.

Tuberculosis Clearance

Submit a copy of your negative TB test results by your healthcare provider that include the date taken and date read from within the past two years.

TB Risk Assessment does NOT meet the requirement. It needs to be a negative TB test.

  • You must maintain current TB test results throughout your entire program. If your results expire during the program, you will need to retake the test. TB skin and blood tests are valid for 3 years and chest x-rays are valid for 5 years.

Certificate of Clearance


You must obtain a Certificate of Clearance or hold a valid CTC issued document in order to be accepted to a credential program.

Examples of CTC documents include, but are not limited to: Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permits, Short-Term Staff Permits, Child Development Permits, and other documents for which a fingerprint clearance is required for issuance.

Getting the Certificate of Clearance is a two-part process.

  1. Print this Live Scan form and take to a location offering Live Scan services to have fingerprints rolled or scanned.
  2. Go to www.ctc.ca.gov and apply for the Certificate of Clearance. For more details, visit Certificate of Clearance process.
You can access the issued Certificate of Clearance document from the CTC website that displays the document name, issuance date, and expiration date. The document must remain valid while in the program.

Do NOT submit the LiveScan form as a place holder. You must submit a Certificate of Clearance or a valid CTC-issued document in order to be accepted to the credential program.

Basic Skills Requirement (BSR)

California law requires that all educators meet proficiency in the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.Individuals may satisfy the basic skills requirement in one of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved methods listed in Basic Skills Requirement (CL-667) (BSR).

Options for meeting the Basic Skills Requirement:

Proficiency is verified by submission of one of the following


Subject Matter Competency (SMC) 

CSET scores are valid for 10 years if taken after April 1, 2007. More information about the CSET can be found here.

US Constitution Requirement

Demonstrated knowledge of the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution by one of the following options:

  • Bachelor’s degree earned from ANY CSU campus in any major US Constitution Demonstration Choice.
  • An authorized college-level course in US History before 1877 or US Government and/or Politics (2 semester or 3 quarter units, with a grade of C or better).
  • Passage of a U.S. Constitution examination verified by a regionally accredited college or university.