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Important Notice

Please review requirements for your program of interest at the link
Educational Leadership Programs

You need to submit BOTH this Department Application and a University Application through Cal State Apply to be considered for admission to the program.

Applications close June 15, 2024.

Department Applications submitted after the final deadline will not be considered for admission. 

SAVE Progress with same email used in your application. This is the email the Department will use for communications.

Please be sure to submit your Department Application fee payment before saving or submitting this form.

Department Application Payment

Please pay the $25 non-refundable Department Application fee before continuing. Click the red button to open a new tab to the East Bay Cashnet payment portal. After paying the department application fee, please upload a copy of the receipt below.

Prospective Student Information

Cohorts are offered pending sufficient enrollment.
Bachelor Degree Verification

To verify your Bachelor Degree for the Department Application, please upload a copy of your unofficial Bachelor degree transcript or foreign transcript evaluation.

Please note that the University Admissions Office requires official transcripts from ALL colleges/university attended AFTER you submit your University Application through Cal State Apply and get an email with your Net Id.
Statement of Purpose

Please write a statement of purpose (one to two pages) that addresses at least 3 of the following dimensions of leadership by describing your leadership in terms of beliefs, experiences, and goals for developing your capacity as a bold, socially responsible leader. The leadership dimensions we are interested in learning about include:

  •       Teaching and learning for equity and high achievement 
  • Collaboration and learning community 
  • A culture of inquiry and continuous improvement 
  • Ethical caring and reflective practice 
  • Engaging families of students and community involvement

     Use this form to type your statement of purpose.

Letter of Recommendation Forms (3)

You will need to submit/upload three (3) letters of recommendation forms. At least one needs to come from a current administrator. Send the fillable form to your recommender and have it sent back to you to upload to application.

Letter of Recommendation

Valid Clear Credential

A valid California clear or life teaching credential or Pupil Personnel Services Credential, Teacher Librarian Services Credential or Designated Subjects Credential with a baccalaureate degree, or Clinical or Rehabilitative Services Credential, School Nurse or Speech Language Pathology Services Credential. 
Verification of Experience

A minimum of five years of full-time K-12 teaching or services experience under a credential as verified by the Verification of Experience Form

This form must be signed by district human resources or a credential personnel, not a school principal. If you have held more than one position at the same district, you will need to have separate forms completed for each position. 

You can apply to the program with less than 5 years-but you need to have five years of experience to apply for the PASC at the end of the program.
University Application through Cal State Apply

All applicants must complete an online University Application in addition to this Department application.

Under East Bay Graduate select Educational Leadership. You complete the Preliminary Services Credential Program in Year 1. You then have the option to continue the 2nd year for the Masters in Educational Leadership.

How to Apply

Submit an application for University admissions online at Cal State Apply.


After University Application through Cal State Apply is submitted, and you get an email with your NETID, you need to request official final transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended to be sent to Cal State East Bay's Office of Admission. This includes all institutions before and after your bachelor's degree.  


Electronic transcripts can be ordered to be sent directly from the institution to California State University East Bay or electronictranscripts@csueastbay.edu if an email is requested.

If your college/university does not provide electronic transcripts, official transcripts can be sent by mail to:

Office of Admissions

25800 Carlos Bee Blvd. AE235

Hayward, CA 94542

For your Department Application:  Applicants with international transcripts with a foreign degree must provide an official evaluation of that coursework by a CTC approved agency.   FOREIGN TRANSCRIPT EVALUATION.

Foreign transcript evaluations can be ordered to be sent to csscdocuments@csueastbay.edu directly from the agency. 

If you have a degree or coursework from outside the United States, contact the International Admission Office for more information. https://www.csueastbay.edu/iao/

Do not submit transcripts until after you have submitted your University Application through Cal State Apply and you get your email with your NETID.

If you graduated from CSUEB, you do not need to submit your CSUEB transcript.

Cal State Apply

All applicants must complete a University Application in addition to this Department application.

Submit an application for University admission online at Cal State Apply

Under East Bay Credential, select Administrative Services Clear Induction Program.

How To Apply.

If you are currently enrolled in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program, you will need to complete a Change of Graduate Objective.

If you are currently enrolled in the doctoral program, please email credentials@csueastbay.edu for instructions. 

Valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

You will need to upload a copy of your Preliminary Administrative Service Credential. You will need to access from the CTC website. 

Verification of Employment as an Administrator

Verification of Employment as an Administrator Form

The form must be signed by district human resources or credential personnel. You need to be employed as an administrator under a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential to be admitted to the program. 

Once you complete the program, you are not eligible for the Clear credential until you have two years of administrative experience under your Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.



You will need to upload a current resume.

Basic Skills Requirement

California law requires that all educators meet proficiency in the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Individuals may satisfy the basic skills requirement in one of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved methods listed in Basic Skills Requirement (CL-667) (BSR). (This is the same document used to obtain your teaching credential.)

By submitting this form, you certify that all information filled on this form is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.