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Veterans Request for Certification
Veteran Student Services

IMPORTANT: All requested information must be completed and this form electronically signed in order to process your certification. After registering for courses, you may submit the California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) Veterans Request for Certification (VRC) form.

Please check to make sure all areas have been addressed correctly before submission. Once you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email to your CSUEB account stating that the request form has been received by Veteran Student Services (VSS). Please keep this email for your records. You must complete a new VRC form after registering for classes every semester you plan to use VA Educational benefits.

You can use numbers, & hyphens (-)

You can use letters, periods (.), hyphens (-) , apostrophes ('), & commas (,)

Major must be formally declared

(please use the following format: <COURSE CODE> <COURSE NUMBER> example: MGMT 3600)

You can use letters, numbers, periods (.), hyphen (-) , apostrophes ('), & commas (,)


Changes in course enrollment after the last day to drop and add courses may result in the retroactive loss of benefits unless the VA finds mitigating circumstances involved in the change. Loss of benefits could revert to the start of the semester.

You will only be paid for the courses that meet degree requirements in the major, minor, and general education plan on file with VSS, unless otherwise approved.

Chapter 1606 and 1607 recipients must verify continued enrollment at the beginning of each month at the start of the semester by web or toll-free number to receive payment of educational benefits.

Visit the Veterans Benefits Administration Education and Training website or call 1-877-823-2378

(Type full legal name)