* You must attach enrollment verification displaying to all Student Employment Action Forms.
New Appointments - New student employees must complete onboarding forms in Payroll Services located in SA 2600 on their first day of employment; this includes the Student Payroll Action Request (SPAR) and form I-9. Students must provide appropriate documentation proving employment eligibility as stipulated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Please reference the “Lists of Acceptable Documents” that is included in the onboarding packets. All documents must be original and genuine. Photocopies will not be accepted. SEAF forms for new student employees will be placed in a pending status until a completed SPAR and form I-9 is on file. After all documents are completed and submitted to Payroll, new student employees will be added to the PeopleSoft database, and will be eligible to begin work.

Academic Year Reappointments - All student employee appointments terminate on May 30th, the end of the academic year. A reappointment SEAF must be submitted for all current student employees at the beginning of every academic year. Reappointments should be effective the date the student employee returns to work. It is not necessary to appoint student employees each semester.

SECTION 1: Type of Action
Select the action to be processed for the student employee from the drop down menu.
  • New Appointment - To appoint a student for the first time with the University; has no prior employment as a student.
  • Rehire - To reappoint a student to the same department and position.
  • Additional Appointment – To appoint a student with previous Student Assistant employment history to a new department or a new class code within the same department.
  • Pay Rate Change - To reflect a change in pay. Pay rate changes must be effective at the beginning of the pay period. Please provide an outline of duties to justify pay increases.
  • Termination – Appointment is being terminated or employee resigned.
SECTION 2: Student Information
  • First Name/Middle Initial/Last Name - Enter the student’s legal name.
  • Employee/Student ID - Enter the student’s 9 digit PeopleSoft number.
SECTION 3: Appointment Information
  • Effective Date of Action - Date that the appointment, pay rate change, or termination is effective.
  • Has the Student Graduated - Check yes or no. If yes, provide the graduation date and/or term and year.
  • Department Name - Enter the name of the Department where the student will be working.
  • Department ID - Enter the 5-digit PeopleSoft Dept ID.
  • Hourly Rate - Enter the hourly rate of pay requested.
  • Unit # - Enter the unit number associated with the Dept ID. This is the 3 digit check distribution location.
  • Position # - Enter the 8-digit PeopleSoft Position Number.
  • Supervisor Name - Provide the name of the employee’s supervisor. This is the individual who approves the employee’s work hours online.
  • Student Assistant Salary Level - Check the appropriate salary level based on the duties of the position.
    Refer to the Student Employment Guide for additional information.
  • Class Codes - Select the student assistant class code from the drop down menu. Review classification descriptions for appropriate use.
  • Notes/Comments - Provide additional notes or comments that may be appropriate for this action.
  • Termination - Provide the reason for termination, the last day the employee physically worked, check of yes or no if the employee’s hours have been approved, and check off if the employee is or will be working in another department.
SEAF must be signed by the Department Administrator with authorization to appoint employees. This form for non-work study student will get submitted to Payroll Services.
Work Study Eligibility Approval – For Work Study student appointments (Class Codes 1871, 1872, 1151, and 1153), then get forwarded to the Financial Aid Office for approval. 

Please add your Email Address in order to get an email to attach Enrollment Verification.

*NOTE: You will get an email to attach Enrollment Verification Displaying the Number of Enrolled Units for Semester Being Hired In. Please do that to start the process.*

For alternate funding source contact Joe Andrews at ext. 53813 in FSU

For alternate funding source contact Joe Andrews at ext. 53813 in FSU
From: Class Code
To: Class Code
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
( Employee dismissal, resignation or other)

Supervisors name is REQUIRED for online timesheet approval

URL for payroll technician information: https://www.csueastbay.edu/payroll/payroll-tech.html