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a.      To ensure overall security and safety of members of the campus community.

         b.      To institute accountability for all keys and access.

         c.      To ensure keys and access are issued to members of the community with business needs in                         buildings and/or facilities that require such access.


a.      All University employees will be provided access to assigned work space by key/access.

b.      Faculty and academic staff may be granted access to laboratories, storerooms and other work areas that serve as support areas for their assigned academic and business needs.

        c.      Issuance of any keys/access shall be authorized by the respective academic Dean or                                     department AVP and approved by the Director of Facilities Operations.

        d.      The Facilities Operations Locksmith is the only authorized department to install                                           lock(s)/access devices on University Property.

        e.      All keys are the property of the State of California and may be duplicated only by the 

               University locksmith. It is a violation of California Penal Code, section 469 for an 

               individual or a non-university locksmith to duplicate a University key or possess a non-                               authorized key.

f.       No key/access shall be transferred under any circumstances.

g.      Facilities Operations shall work with all department(s) to conduct an audit of all key/access at the end of each fiscal year. The Department(s) shall:

i.          Reaffirm the business need for key/access

ii.          Verify the names of authorized key/access holders

iii.          Report all discrepancies to Facilities Operations/Locksmith


a.  Student(s) may be authorized and approved to have keys/access on a limited-time basis. Student must return all keys/access at the end of program for which the student is granted access.

b.  Student’s Key/access request shall include a written/descriptive justification of academic program, endorsement from an instructor and authorization from the respective dean. For business related access, respective AVP or designee of the administrative department shall provide authorization. The Director of Facilities Operations shall review and approve all keys/access requests. Approval will not be given to rooms with access to personnel, students’ or other related security and/or confidential information.

c.  An academic or administrative department authorizing a key request for a student shall be billed an amount of $200 (two hundred dollars) if student does not return key within 5 business days after the end of the semester, academic program or work assignment for which a key is granted. This fund shall be used to fund rekey of building/facility as needed.

               d.  The Director of Facilities Operations will review and approve all key/access requests.

e.  A student ID is required to pick up approved key/access in person from the                  Facilities Development & Operations Office.

               f.   Students who have special access needs requiring a key, must contact the Accessibility                               Services for assistance. The Accessibility Services staff will review the student’s                                       circumstances and, if appropriate, request a key on behalf of the student.

g.   Residential students shall contact Student Housing and Residential Life for requested housing access needs.


a.     Key/Access Request submission: All key and access requests must be submitted online using the Facilities Development & Operations online request system. The Facilities Operations Locksmith shall not be contacted directly to issue keys/access.

b.     Key/Access Request authorization and approval: All requests must include an academic program need or business need justification and an authorization signature from the Dean, AVP or designee respective department depending on the level of access requested. Request for key/access shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of Facilities Operations or designee.

1. All master key/access request shall require additional review by the Director of Facilities Operations to determine the optimal access solutions to support the requestor’s business needs. All master key requests shall include written explanation on how the master key will be appropriately secured on campus.

c.      Key/Access pickup: Upon approval from Director of Facilities Operations, keys/access shall be issued. A University photo ID will be required for picking up approved key(s)/access in person from the Facilities Development & Operations Office. Keys/access shall be issued during business hours from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.

d.     Key/Access Safekeeping: All University employees who are granted keys/access requests shall be responsible for ensuring the safekeeping of all keys. All master keys shall remain in a secured location such as a cabinet or drawer on campus. Facilities Operations shall maintain records of assigned keys and each Department shall carry out an annual audit of all keys to ensure accountability.

e.     Missing Keys/Access: If key/access is missing or stolen, the requestor must notify University Police Department (UPD) (510-885-3791) and Facilities Operations/Locksmith (510-885-4444) immediately. Request for a duplicate key/access shall not be granted without a police report if the key/access is missing or stolen. The Director of Facilities Operations shall evaluate the security exposure caused by the missing key/access before issuing a replacement key.

1. A replacement key/access may be issued to the employee and the employee’s Department shall reimburse Facilities Department for the total cost of the replacement key and rekeying as applicable.


a.      The Vice President, Dean, or respective department head authorizing the issuance of key/access is responsible for ensuring the return of all keys/access under the following conditions:

i.          Change of assignment : Employee’s work responsibilities no longer require use of granted key/access

ii.          Transfer to another department within the University: Employee has transferred to a

different department on campus

iii.          Leave of absence: Employee is on approved leave of absence for more than six(6months

iv.          Separation from the University: Employee separates from the University through resignation or termination of employment. For separation from the University, the employee must file the “Separating Employee Clearance Sheet” and return his/her key(s) to Human Resources or directly to Facilities Operations as part of the separation process.

1.      If key/access is not returned within five (5) business days of employee separation from the University, the Director of Facilities Operations shall evaluate the security exposure caused by the missing key/access and employee’s department shall reimburse Facilities Operations for the evaluation and rekey efforts.



All inquiries regarding this policy shall be directed to the Associate Vice President for Facilities Development & Operations.


1.      Separating Employee Clearance Sheet



1.      Key: Physical key stamped with key number and serial number


2.     Access: Magnetic swipe card, I-Button, or proximity bay card

         3.      Grand Master Key and Access: These key/access provide full access to all buildings and                          facilities on campus.

Access authorization levels: Access shall be restricted to select authorized University employees whose work areas across campus require such keys and access. If an academic or business need require such key and access, the request for key and access shall include academic or business need, the time period for this need and authorization by respective dean or AVP of respective department. As part of the review for approval, the Director of Facilities Operations may consult with the Locksmith to verify if this access can be granted without issuance of Grand master(s).


4.      Building Master Key/Access: This key/access provides full access to one building or facility.


a.      Access authorization levels: The issuance of this key/access shall be authorized by the respective Dean, AVP and approved by the Director of Facilities Operations. Where multiple campus departments are occupants in one building, Dean or AVP of respective department shall authorize the issuance of building master keys and the Director of Facilities Operations shall approve this key/access request.

5.      Building Sub-Master Key/Access: This key/access provides access to certain areas in one building or facility.

a.      Access authorization levels: The issuance of this key/access shall be authorized by Dean or AVP and approved by the Director of Facilities Operations. Where multiple campus departments are occupants within parts of the building for which access is being requested, Dean or AVP of respective department shall authorize the issuance of building sub - master keys and the Director of Facilities Operations shall approve this key/access request.

6.      Individual Room Key/Access: This key/access provides access to a suite, one room or a group of rooms in one building or facility.

a.      Access authorization levels: Authorization to issue this key/access shall be granted by the respective department Dean or AVP and approved by the Director of Facilities Operations.


Section 1: Identification - Enter information of the individual receiving key(s) / access

Section 2: Requestor Information

Section 3: Request Type - Enter the type of request 
Section 4: Building Access List Buildings and Rooms access is requested for.
Justification of business needs is also required 
Limit is 100 characters

ACCESS CARD ONLY (DO not fill in if requesting physical keys)
Check all that apply:
24 Hour Format (05:11).

24 Hour format (01:55).

Section 5: Replacement / Missing Key(s) / BayCard: Complete this section for all replacement/Missing(s) / BayCard(s)
For lost key: Notify University Police Department and Locksmith Immediately (Lost key requires a University Police report)

Section 6: Students Only - Complete this section for student key / access credential requests
If key is not returned, sponsoring department will be charged $200.00 minimum
Section 7: Required Approvals 
Name of Department Dean / Chair / Manager
Email of Department Dean / Chair / Manager
Name and Email of Department Dean / Chair / Manager (required)

Name of Director, Facilities Operations (required for Grand Master Keys and Building Master Key ONLY)